cosmic bridge

CBR001 - Om Unit vs Kromestar - Solar Cycle / Merkabah Promo from cosmicbridgerecs on Vimeo.

been a massive fan of both these tracks since i first heard them; definitely a great first release for the the big man om unit’s new label, cosmic bridge.

if you tuned into rinse fm the other saturday you might have heard his collab with arp101, plenty heater. 92bpm upped that show over here. it’s a two hour synth-master-class with arp101 and b bravo also in the mix and breakin levels.

well worth peeping om unit’s mix for our june radio show n all.

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boss kite & grinel on nts radio with ysk [podcast]

myself and boss kite dropped in on the you’ll soon know radio show this week. boss kite played live, i played a dump load of forthcoming donky exclusives. full tracklist and streaming linkage below. skip to 46.30 mins for the label showcase and 1hr 20 for the boss kite live set. really worth checking the whole show though; tim knows his onions.

  • Tim
  • J Dilla - Welcome 2 Detroit
  • Unlooped Versus Dilla - See You Cry
  • Slugabed - Sun Too Bright Turn It Off
  • Darkhouse Fam - Like No Other feat. B. Bravo
  • Beat Inc. - Black Tea Morning
  • Handbook - The Orient
  • Lil Kim - Whoa (Instrumental)
  • Eric Lau - Burn It Up (feat. Guilty Simpson)
  • araabMUZIK - Blow Ya Smoke
  • Yucca - As You Were
  • Shlohmo - Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
  • Dream Continuum - Set It
  • Deft - Eskilusive
  • Opal Block - Eternia Soda
  • The Range - The Big Dip
  • Canblaster & Nightwave - Power Up
  • Lone - Endlessly
  • Moscow - Mind Shine (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • Keyboard Kid 206 - TheMost (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • Ghost Mutt - Figure You Out (Donky Pitch)
  • Arp101 X Yorke - Polybot (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • 813 - Plumbeous Bubbles (Donky Pitch)
  • 813 - Tinky Tonky Slugabed Remix (Donky Pitch)
  • Keyboard Kid 206 - WelcomeX (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • Fitzroy North - White Paint
  • Arp101 X Yorke - Electric Lemonade (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • Juj - Space Gold
  • Wankers United - Leggings (Boss Kite Remix)
  • Nino - Innsmouth (Boss Kite Remix)
  • Boss Kite - You So Bad
  • Boss Kite - Curb Crawler
  • Boss Kite - The Manifesto
  • Boss Kite - Jibber Jabba
  • Boss Kite - Comicon
  • Tim
  • Full Crate & Mark Pritchard - Dangle
  • S-X - 2010 (Instrumental)
  • Wiz Khalifa - Cabin Fever (Mono_Poly Mix)
  • Drake - Over My Dead Body (D33J Drowned Radio Remix)
  • Great Mundane - ?

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arp101 - mystery man

the mighty eglo records have their 3rd birthday party at fabric on march 8th, and to celebrate they just dropped this lovely boogie-up beat by arp101. more info on the dance here. download below.

watch out for an arp101 x yorke 12” dropping on donky pitch later this year

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we didn’t think we’d make it this far vol. 1

to mark the passing of our tenth release we put together a free 18 track label sampler. ‘we didn’t think we’d make it this far vol. 1' includes one track from each of those eps plus additional exclusives from the team - slugabed, ghost mutt, lockah, lil texas, v.c. & keyboard kid all stepped up, and there's also a beat from our latest signing tokyo hands.
it’s been just over four years since we started this donky pitch thing (rip the hip hop section of dubstep forum, plus those lil jockey shirts were so cool), and it’s a great feeling to hit ten releases. in september we will release a five track ep by tokyo hands, which will be followed by an album from the range (our first album) in october.
out to all you guys for the support, we’ll keep it coming.