november donky

i swear this is close to one of the best line ups we’ve ever had, and it’s bloomin’ free entry. wait a second whilst i blow our own trumpet…

lapalux is a producer on everyone’s lips right now. he’s played the boiler room, done high profile remixes for thundercat and fink (amongst many others) and has an ep forthcoming on fly lo’s brainfeeder label in january. hype!

offshore is our favourite scot. his recent pacer ep on big dada was on repeat at donky towers and pete pitch tells me he rocked a crowd of a few thousand at sonar this year. hy, hyyype!

add in some local talent and residents ghost mutt and myself. stoked.

more info here.

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ghost mutt’s backkkkk

on 12th january 2012 ghost mutt returns with this free, yeh that’s totally free, ep.

less get sweaty

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are you ready to sweat?

tomorrows the big day

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ghost mutt - sweat mode

go grab ghost mutt’s new ep. it’s really free. and really really great.

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should have put this up last week…. we had an exclusive mix from the range (which is ruddy lovely) and ghost mutt joined us in the lounge to celebrate the launch of his sweat mode ep

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photos from idle hands vs donky pitch

here’s a few snaps from our vs party (see the lot here) with the bristol family, idle hands. one thing i learnt… them kelly twins sure can dj. coming on after sluga at a donky night is never an easy ask. they flipped it, came with the garage and grime. crowd went wild.

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team donky @ glade festival

super pleased to tell you all that we have a wee showcase at glade festival this year. slugabed, ghost mutt, boss kite & myself all playing on the meteor stage, a 100ft wide, 30ft deep crater surrounded by trees with subs under the dancefloor. so that sounds well fun. plenty of other good peoples playing too…

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donky @ drop tonight (leicester)

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slugabed, ghost mutt, boss kite and myself are all playing at glade in a few weeks. in the woods. in a ufo. up a tree.

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glade festival, lets go

if you’re heading to glade this weekend come check us out in this ufo on the meteor stage between 3pm and 7pm on sunday. sluga, ghost mutt, boss kite & myself.

need some pre-glade vibes? not going to glade? check us on tonight between 7-10pm bst. we’ve got a heap of amazing new music to play for you.

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