cosmic bridge

CBR001 - Om Unit vs Kromestar - Solar Cycle / Merkabah Promo from cosmicbridgerecs on Vimeo.

been a massive fan of both these tracks since i first heard them; definitely a great first release for the the big man om unit’s new label, cosmic bridge.

if you tuned into rinse fm the other saturday you might have heard his collab with arp101, plenty heater. 92bpm upped that show over here. it’s a two hour synth-master-class with arp101 and b bravo also in the mix and breakin levels.

well worth peeping om unit’s mix for our june radio show n all.

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pete pitch and ghost mutt takes to the airwaves tonight for our monthly radio show. you can expect upfront beats from om unit, martyn, offshore, daedelus, darkhouse fam and plenty more.

lock in here 8-10pm GMTeez

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donky x hivemind vol 10

last night’s radio show, pete pitch and ghost mutt doing the do… stream below or download here. tracklist in the zip file or on mixcloud.

if you like this show, we do it live every 2nd thursday of the month 7-10pm in the gmt on

next up > 11th august with ital tek live in the studio.

Donky X Hivemind Vol 10 (Ghost Mutt in the studio) by Donky_Pitch on Mixcloud

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slugabed outlook mix

great mix from sluga here, including some 813 (forthcoming on donky pitch later this year), plus one of my all time fave slugabed beats, sex. he’ll be live in the studio with myself, pete pitch and halp on our radio show this thursday. right here, 7-10gmt

Slugabed Outlook Festival Mix 2011 by Outlook Festival on Mixcloud

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donky x hivemind vol 11

it’s always a pleasure when sluga makes the journey down from london, and we always end up getting that little bit more drunk. good times recording this show. we also welcomed our good buddy halp (lowriders collective) into the studio, all the way from the netherlands. great to see you thomas. oh and of course, the music was ace too.

recorded live on thursday 11th august, 2011 

if you like this show, we do it live every 2nd thursday of the month 7-10pm gmt on next up > 8th september with ital tek live in the studio (as he couldn’t make it this month) 

wanna keep this show? download it


Donky X Hivemind Vol 11 (Slugabed and Halp in the studio) by Donky_Pitch on Mixcloud

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donky pitch radio with ital tek tonight

we take to the airwaves again tonight when planet mu’s ital tek joins us live in the studio. plus myself and pete pitch have got a heap of unreleased and forthcoming goodies to share with you all. pull up a comfy chair and lets goo.

7-10 bst (aka gmt +1)

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donky radio vol 11

ital tek blessed us with a stonking 30 minute mix whilst myself and pete pitch ran through what’s been pushing our buttons over the last few weeks.

next month is the one year anniversary of our show. fu*k knows where all that time went. radio, radio, radiooo.

Donky X Hivemind Vol 12 (Ital Tek in the studio) by Donky_Pitch on Mixcloud

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donky radio birthday spesh

tonight our radio show reaches the mighty one year mark, and to celebrate we will be rolling with all three of our residents, slugabed, ghost mutt and boss kite (who will play live). lock in here between 7 and 10pm bst. full family. no messing.

oh and if you’re really lucky we might even broadcast the whole deal on u stream, if we can make it work. otherwise just plain old audio will have to do.

we promise to get drunk and play great music. no balloons. sorry

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donky x hivemind 13 - birthday spesh audio and video

wow. well this was a hell of a lot of fun, we don’t often all get together like that. stream the show below or downwload here

Donky X Hivemind Vol 13 (First Birthday Special w/ Slugabed, Ghost Mutt & Boss Kite) by Donky_Pitch on Mixcloud

or if audio just isn’t good enough for you we recorded the whole thing on ustream. some power dance moves in this here recording.


should have put this up last week…. we had an exclusive mix from the range (which is ruddy lovely) and ghost mutt joined us in the lounge to celebrate the launch of his sweat mode ep

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