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i’ve been playin the new lil b album a heck of a lot over the last week and this track just hits the spot in so many ways; the lost boys sample does it for me all day long. the last time my ears properly pricked up to a tune sampling cry little sister was at a outdoor rave way back when, 6am-sun-coming-up-hard-techno-riddim.

after a wee google i find out it was produced by clams casino. no surprises there then. if you haven’t checked either, his new ep for tri angle is very dope and this beat tape is faultless.

on the subject of the ‘based world’ peoples go check kid keyboard as well. he’s giving away enough good music: here, here, here and my personal fave -> here.


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free young l beat tape

i don’t know too much about this fella, apart from the fact that he’s part of the based crew, who have been getting me all hot and bothered recently - lil b, keyboard kid, clams casino etc.

but what i do know is that this free beat tape has some great hip hop on it.

click art for music

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uuuuuuhhh. more keyboard kid incoming. 






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keyboard kid - the mind is so complex when you’re based

i’ve gushed about this man before. and much like before i’m telling you it’s a no brainer. you need this tape. just like you need all the other keyboard kid beat tapes floating around on the internet.

if you know his stuff it’s more in like with the video games and blunts tape. warm synths, perfect claps and vocal samples to make you all wibbly.

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keyboard kid - based in the rain 666

it’s only been a minute since keyboard kid (aka lil b’s main producer) dropped his last beat tape, 'the mind is so complex when you're based', and he’s already back with another six tracks of heet.

only the first 200 dl’s were free so you’ve all gotta pay at least $1.50. my bad, i should have got this post up sooner. i owe you all a coffee yeah.

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omg best of 2011 radio show tonight, 3 monster exclusive mixes

it’s our best of 2011 radio show tonight and we’ve got exclusive mixes from keyboard kid, mndsgn and monolithium. oh and all our fave beats from the last 12 months

been looking forward to this for a hot minute

lock in here from 7-10pm GMT

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mixes from keyboard kid, monolithium and mndsgn + the best of 2011. get set. three hours of goodness. go.

download here, stream above

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keyboard kid - cosmonaut

more straight heat from seattle’s keyboard kid, who recently provided us with one of the three exclusive mixes for our best of 2011 radio show.

i’m also mad pleased to tell you all we’ll be releasing a ep by this man in 2012. yes. yes. and yes.

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boss kite & grinel on nts radio with ysk [podcast]

myself and boss kite dropped in on the you’ll soon know radio show this week. boss kite played live, i played a dump load of forthcoming donky exclusives. full tracklist and streaming linkage below. skip to 46.30 mins for the label showcase and 1hr 20 for the boss kite live set. really worth checking the whole show though; tim knows his onions.

  • Tim
  • J Dilla - Welcome 2 Detroit
  • Unlooped Versus Dilla - See You Cry
  • Slugabed - Sun Too Bright Turn It Off
  • Darkhouse Fam - Like No Other feat. B. Bravo
  • Beat Inc. - Black Tea Morning
  • Handbook - The Orient
  • Lil Kim - Whoa (Instrumental)
  • Eric Lau - Burn It Up (feat. Guilty Simpson)
  • araabMUZIK - Blow Ya Smoke
  • Yucca - As You Were
  • Shlohmo - Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
  • Dream Continuum - Set It
  • Deft - Eskilusive
  • Opal Block - Eternia Soda
  • The Range - The Big Dip
  • Canblaster & Nightwave - Power Up
  • Lone - Endlessly
  • Moscow - Mind Shine (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • Keyboard Kid 206 - TheMost (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • Ghost Mutt - Figure You Out (Donky Pitch)
  • Arp101 X Yorke - Polybot (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • 813 - Plumbeous Bubbles (Donky Pitch)
  • 813 - Tinky Tonky Slugabed Remix (Donky Pitch)
  • Keyboard Kid 206 - WelcomeX (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • Fitzroy North - White Paint
  • Arp101 X Yorke - Electric Lemonade (forthcoming Donky Pitch)
  • Juj - Space Gold
  • Wankers United - Leggings (Boss Kite Remix)
  • Nino - Innsmouth (Boss Kite Remix)
  • Boss Kite - You So Bad
  • Boss Kite - Curb Crawler
  • Boss Kite - The Manifesto
  • Boss Kite - Jibber Jabba
  • Boss Kite - Comicon
  • Tim
  • Full Crate & Mark Pritchard - Dangle
  • S-X - 2010 (Instrumental)
  • Wiz Khalifa - Cabin Fever (Mono_Poly Mix)
  • Drake - Over My Dead Body (D33J Drowned Radio Remix)
  • Great Mundane - ?

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