cosmic bridge

CBR001 - Om Unit vs Kromestar - Solar Cycle / Merkabah Promo from cosmicbridgerecs on Vimeo.

been a massive fan of both these tracks since i first heard them; definitely a great first release for the the big man om unit’s new label, cosmic bridge.

if you tuned into rinse fm the other saturday you might have heard his collab with arp101, plenty heater. 92bpm upped that show over here. it’s a two hour synth-master-class with arp101 and b bravo also in the mix and breakin levels.

well worth peeping om unit’s mix for our june radio show n all.

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the weekend

having not really done a proper party since march (we’ll be resuming regular dates very soon, but more on that another time), it’s fair to say i’d been looking forward to this weekend for some time. mixcloud party (with jonny dub from hoya hoya and the streets of beige gang) on the friday, followed by the beige all day bash on the saturday.

shouts to everyone involved on friday, we all had a blast. it’s really nice to finally put names to faces; emails and twittering only goes so far. i wish i hadn’t got so bloomin’ drunk because maybe some of the photos i took on my phone might have been worth sharing. nice to see blue daisy jump on the mic during sluga’s set, you guys should do that more often.

om unit b2b kromestar totally blew me away at the beige all dayer the following day, even though kromestar didn’t mix a single beat. who needs dubstep when 100bpm can sound that good? was also very dope to see blue daisy play live again, fierce set. the last and only other time I’ve seen daisy play was when we booked him to play brighton 18 months ago. he turned up wheeling a desktop computer and monitor in a massive suitcase, now it’s all buttons, pads and a laptop - much more sensible ;) jeeks also played some sick tunes, gutted i had to leave just as time wharp started.

there was also a very, very small amount of drunken talk about more donky vs beige (or should i say donky vs pony?) action. bring it on i say.

next weekend we’re at playgroup festival in elridge park, just south of tunbridge wells. we host the bar on the sunday. line up is as follows… ghost mutt, driscoll, moscow, figure of wax and grinel (me). fingers crossed for some actual visual representation of that.

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Om Unit - The Corridor (Kromestar’s Classroom Seven mix)

i was just reaching out to blog this, when i see tim has pretty much wrote exactly what i was thinking. i think we were stood next to each other when kromestar dropped this at streets of beige a month or so back.

big tune.


Download: Om Unit - The Corridor (Kromestar’s Classroom Seven mix)

This is the biggest remix of the year for me personally! Crafted by the one and only Kromestar, this one literally had me speechless when it dropped in the club! Om Unit killed it with the original but this chuggy bass ridden beast is a great refix.

If you like this vibe then look out for Krome’s forthcoming “Parallell Sounds EP” which will be dropping on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label in November. The track listing for that will be Don’t Make Sense, 2012, In 2 Minds and Outer Limit (ft. Team Starfleet), we can’t wait!

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