onra - change of heart

it seems like aaaaages since onra’s album dropped on all city last year, so i welcome this new cut with open arms. lifted from a two track japanese 7 ‘change of heart’ isn’t a far departure from the future funk fueled tones of long distance, and a good thing too.

stream both tracks below. or click the artwork to dl a 128 of ‘change of heart’ from xlr8r.

Onra - Edits (ACOJ7x1) by allcitydublin

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samoyed - spit ep

i fell in love with this ep from the very first time i heard it; lo-fi crackles, guitar loops, lushed-out vocals and grainy electronics make me very happy.

it’s out in a week or so on rekordah’s astro:dynamics label, but if you head over to xlr8r or dummy mag you can cop a dope lukid remix or malamute respectively.

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Ambassadeurs - Duke Red

It’s moments like this that make my heart melt.  Without getting too personal and mushy, I used to work at the college where Mark (Ambassadeurs) was studying a year or so ago, and thinking about him making music like this in the studios I used to care for, just makes me feel all warm inside.  

Here Ambassadeurs has managed to make something bigger than the sum of all it’s parts.  For all the ‘heads’ out there, it’s brimming with influences from all corners of the global beat scene, without a hint of thievery, just glorious references abound. The arrangement is impecable, teasing with jukey triplets, skipping hats and awash with a glow that’s becoming familiar to those already accustomed to his work.

If this is anything to go by, it’s gonna be a very good year for Ambassadeurs. And it’s a FREE DOWLOAD for god’s sake!


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the range - nothing left (free download)

head on over to xlr8r to grab this freebee from our next ep, from providence’s the range.

expect a five track ep from him to drop mid-july. it bangs and swoons all at the same time.

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the range - ps 3 (obey city remix) free download

head over to xlr8r for a free download of obey city’s remix of the range ‘ps 3’, which is lifted from his new single ‘seneca’ - out april 22nd on donky pitch.

check the clips for the full ep below

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the range ‘seneca’ out now + video for ‘ps 3’

our 9th release is out now, a six track ep from the range. ‘seneca’ includes three original tracks and three remixes from supreme cuts, howse & obey city. pure and lovely electronic music.

go grab it from itunes, amazon, bleep, juno, wasabeat, boomkat, direct from us or many many other spots.

check the trippy new video for the range ‘ps 3’. shouts to xlr8r for the premiere.

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tokyo hands ‘valleys’ free download

following support for tokyo hands from eclair fifi on bbc radio 1, nemone on bbc 6 music and the blessings on rinse fm, you can now grab the first slice of his ‘islands’ ep, the beautiful ‘valleys’, via xlr8r.

'islands' drops september 9th on limited edition cassette and digital via our bandcamp and then worldwide on the 16th.


the range’s ‘nonfiction’ pops up in many end of year lists

it’s been an incredible year for the range, with his debut album ‘nonfiction’ picking up some amazing coverage - not least in the end of year lists.

the album ranked #47 in pitchfork’s top 50, ‘metal swing’ was #98 in their best tracks and also featured in xlr8r’s top tracks of the year, urban outfitters best of music monday and various other sites including thump and then there is also this curious article on the independent.

keep you eyes peeled for new music from the range early in 2014